Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Key Apps Deliverable #4 – Demonstrations of Value

Good news stories about the software and how it is adding value by helping researchers to do cutting edge research that wasn’t easy or even possible to do before, are a key deliverable in all the ANDS Apps projects, and a great topic to blog about.

These “Demonstrations of Value” are expected to:
  • result in data being transformed or integrated across multiple sources to produce new forms of information that enable innovative, high-quality research outcomes;
  • deliver value to at least one high profile research champion;
  • be relevant to a range of government portfolios; and
  • engage with National Research Capabilities.
The “value message” (i.e. WHAT value has the software added to the research process?) and an outline of the envisaged strategy for communicating of the value message to a wider audience (i.e. WHO? will present the message, through WHAT? media channels and WHEN?, will have been defined in each ANDS Applications Project Description prior to contract signing. These Deliverables will always require a high profile Researcher or Policy Maker to publicly state that the software product is allowing them to conduct research / develop policy that wasn’t possible before.

Blogging about the dissemination activities by the high-profile Research or Policy Champion themselves is perfect blog content, however any other stories about the project and interest in the product by other groups within Australia and Internationally are also excellent material for your blog. In particular, we also would love to hear about demonstrations of value and other “good news stories” that were not envisaged in the project contract - ANDS and DIISRTE are very interested in hearing that their investment is having a widespread impact.

TAGS for these types of post: EITHER andsContractedDoVs OR  andsOtherDoVs, andsValue, andsApps, fundedByAustralianNationalDataService, DIISRTE, {your project's acronym or tag}, {your ands project code, e.g. AP67}, {any other keyword tags you can think of that will help your project be discovered by like-minded projects}.

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