Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Key Apps Deliverable #2 – Setting up a Product Code Repository

Projects should use a public and open code repository from day one of their project. ANDS recommends that a meeting should occur at the start of the project between the managers, developers and users to discuss how the code repository website will be used to organise and iterate through the generation of the code, e.g. are you going to use the wiki on the code repository to list features, or are you going to use the bug tracking tool to list who is doing what, how will your blog be used to announce when milestones or sprints have been achieved, does this repository make sense to other institutions who might want to reuse code, etc.  Be explicit and talk about the little details right from the start; even better, write down what you have agreed with regards to how the code repository is going to be used on your development blog so that if others start to use it they will know what the expectations are.

ANDS recommends the use of either GoogleCode or GitHub, and if your project intends on providing software that others can use and reuse we would suggest the use of a branching repository like Git or Mercurial so that code can be easily forked and re-joined with the trunk.  

As per your project contract, the use of an Open Source license like Apache 2.0 or GPL 3.0 is required for your project deliverables and use of a creative commons license is recommended for non-code resources. Please make sure licenses are not only listed on the code repository but also listed in the README file and headers / code comments of any files.

Please approach your ANDS contact for any answers, advice or guidance. 

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