Monday, 27 August 2012

An ANDS-funded CliMDDIR project to provide up-to-date data for more accurate climate change impacts researches

 An ANDS funded project, Climate Model Downscaling Data For Impacts And Adaptation Research (CliMDDIR, AP04), has just announced software connection for its project web portal. The project aims  to provide climate change impacts researchers with high resolution RCM-derived datasets in a timely manner and in a useful format.

The project is building a software system that will allow climate impacts researchers identifying and examining suitable downscaled climate change data sets,   manipulate the data to add value, and export data in formats useful to their research. The targeted impacts research areas may include: agriculture, hydrology, health and ecology impacts. The researchers from the areas have been closely involved into the software development.

 Here is what  Dr. Linda Beaumont from Macquarie University was talking about a data problem faced by climate impacts researchers and why getting the CliMDDIR data matters to the researchers:

 "The impacts community has lacked consistent tools, with data being delivered in a variety of formats and at a coarse resolution that has often made them difficult to use.  The CliMDDIR project will allow us to get our hands on up-to-date data and make more accurate assessments of climate change impacts. Currently, there is a substantial time-lag between when climate modellers develop data and when it becomes available to the impacts community in a useable format. CliMMDIR will significantly reduce this time-lag. ”

 Read more about the project and what Dr. Linda Beaumont says ...

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