Sunday, 3 June 2012

First Apps project described in RDA

Congratulations to the team working on AP32 (the Human Proteome Browser), who now have discoverable descriptions for the software tool that is being developed and the input datasets that their tool is intended to act upon (neXtProt, PeptideAtlas, the GPM and the Human Protein Atlas), incorporated into Research Data Australia (RDA):

These RDA descriptions will allow the tool and datasets to be discovered by others around the world by using Google and other common search engines.

For the technically minded, the underlying conceptual RIF-CS modelling for this system (showing the service, data collection and party objects and the relationships between them) is shown here:

NOTE however, that the above information model includes some components that are not yet fully functional (such as the software system itself which is still under development), and it also describes some intended output collections that as yet, can't actually be created as the software tool required to make them is not yet functional.

Therefore, only a subset of these descriptions of the system components have currently been published in RDA. These point to tangible existing objects (or in the case of the software tool, a RIF-CS service description explaining its current 'non-functional' status):

The full complement of descriptions will be described in RDA when the fully functional software system is deployed towards the end of the project.

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