Monday, 8 October 2012

Key Apps Deliverable #5 - Deployed, tested and documented software system

All Applications projects have a common deliverable "Deployed, tested and documented software that:  ...".  (it is usually numbered D5). To meet this deliverable, a User Acceptance Testing Report is required.  There are two options:

Option 1: 
For projects that chose not to blog, please ask your ANDS contact for the report template.
Please note that even if you choose this "non-public" version,  your ANDS contact may write a post for the ANDS Applications blog site based on the content you provide in the report. 

Option 2:
For projects that chose to blog, please write and publish a post to your Blog. The post should cover the following aspects:

1.     The Application
What does the software application do? -  You could e.g. describe the application in a series of screendumps / illustrations with some accompanying explanations, or if the software application is web-accessible, a link to the application with accompanying explanations.

For an example, please see

2.     Who are the Users and the Testers?
What are the typical groups / types of users?
What are the user characteristics of each user group?
What are main tasks that each user type / group will perform with the application?
Please list / name the testers who have been involved in the User Acceptance Testing, and specify which user group a tester represents. If you do not want to make that information public, you can anonymize the users for the Blog, and provide their names to your ANDS contact. 

3.     Testing Methods and Findings
How did your project involve the users / testers in the application’s design and testing process? 
What were the testing methods employed?  (e.g. observation of researchers’ / users’ workflows, workshops with researchers / users, exploratory interviews with researchers / users, and / or usability testing of an evolving design).
If you have had phased releases of software, please outline this information for each phase.

Here is an example:

4.     Findings and Lessons Learned
Please summarize briefly  what worked and what didn’t work with the interface and the application development process.
Were the users’ needs met? 
Please quote what users said about the application, for example, in terms of usefulness, future improvements and their intention of  using the application in future,  etc.

Please assign the following TAGS to your post: andsUserAcceptance, andsOutputs, andsProduct, andsApps,  fundedByAustralianNationalDataService, DIISRTE, {your project's acronym or tag}, {your ANDS project code, e.g. AP67}, {any other keyword tags you can think of that will help your project be discovered by like-minded projects}.

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