Monday, 23 July 2012

Two more Apps funded software products under development now described in RDA

Recently, two more of the data integration and analysis software products that are being developed in the ANDS Apps program have been described in Research Data Australia (RDA):

Edgar: Climate Change Impact on the Distributions of Australian Bird Species (under development at James Cook University), which will provide users with access to projected environmental suitability maps for Australian Bird species under various climate change scenarios as well as the  "cleaned" occurrence records used to generate the maps. The site will provide visualisations of the datasets as well as download facilities. 
The accompanying rainforest vertebrates of the Australia Wet Tropics (location & abundance) dataset is also described in RDA along with various grants that have funded the generation of the input data.


TissueStack (under development at the Centre for Advanced Imaging at the University of Queensland), a software system that will allow the integration and overlay of multiple, multi-modal imaging 3D datasets, corresponding classical anatomy information and accompanying metadata, and an analysis environment to compare and quantify differences between multiple biological specimens (e.g. wild-type vs. disease specimens).
The accompanying average wild-type C57BL/6J mouse 3D MRI brain image dataset that can be viewed using TissueStack is also described in RDA, along with various people and organisations and grants associated with the generation of this brain image data.

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