Demonstrations of Value 

Some Applications projects (early starters) are finishing up. Here is a list of published videos produced by the projects as a demonstration of value.

Project Code/NameLinks to the videos
AP03 Edgar - Australian Bird Distributions & Climate Change A/Professor Jeremy VanDerWal and Professor Stephen Garnett talking about Edgar

Professor Stephen Garnett talking in more detail about the kinds of questions Edgar can help with.
AP27 Cancer Genomics Linkage Application Professor Andrew Biankin talks about the key benefits of the project.

Dr Mark Cowley from the Garvan Institute describes the benefits that the "Cancer Genomics Linkage Application" brings to researchers of the Australian Pancreatic Cancer Genome Initiative led by Professors Sean Grimmond and Andrew Biankin.
AP19 Multimodal Kidney Imaging Project Professor John Bertram and Professor Gary Egan highlight the value of the xGlom tool.
AP29 A Data Transformation and Model Calibration System for Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Australian Ecosystems Dr. Clements Scheer and researchers from QUT comment on the tool Semaphore: Monitoring and Modelling Australian Gas Emissions.
AP11 Validation of Genomes and Transcriptomes with Proteomic Data In this video, Prof. Marc Wilkins and Prof. Hazel Mitchell talk about why they need and how they benefit from the tool Proteomic-Genomic Nexus; Dr. Chi Pang and Aidan Tay introduce key components of the tool.
AP07 SWISH - Scientific Workflow and Integration Software for Health Dr Charmian Bennett and A/Prof. Keith Dear from the Australian National University's Research School of Population Health, talk about SWISH - open source software that enables easier access and merging of large datasets on population and health.
AP16 - Brain mapping National Resource Dr. Andrew Janke presented TissueStack at INCF Congress 2013.
Prof. Charles Watson from Curtin University and Neuroscience Research Australia talks about accessing and sharing large datasets through TissueStack benefits researchers enormously.
AP26 - Marine Virtual Laboratory Information System Dr. Roger Proctor (Director, IMOS eMarine Information Infrastructure) introduces MARVLIS project and system; Christine Coughanowr (Program Director, Derwent Estuary Program) talks about how the Derwent Estuary Program run by local government can benefit from the MARVLIS system.
AP15 - Soils to Satellites S2S - What is it?
S2S - Its value to a sponsor
S2S - Its value to a data publisher

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