Welcome to ANDS Applications Program

Applications is the last of the ANDS programs to commence. It is intended to leverage the outputs from the other ANDS programs, which have been designed to:

  • provide underpinning infrastructure to support discovery and citation (ARDC Core);
  • enable rich metadata about data to be managed and accessible (Metadata Stores);
  • make new data and associated metadata available from a range of instruments (Data Capture);
  • make a selection of existing data and associated metadata available from the bulk of Australia’s research-producing universities (Seeding the Commons);
  • make data and associated metadata available from government departments (Public Sector Data); and
  • provide the overall policy and practice frameworks to support better data management and re-use (Frameworks and Capabilities).
The goal of the Applications program is to produce compelling demonstrations of the value of having data available for re-use. These demonstrations of value should:
  • result in data being transformed or integrated across multiple sources to produce new forms of information that enable innovative, high-quality research outcomes;
  • deliver value to a high-profile research champion;
  • be relevant to a range of government portfolios; and
  • engage with national research capabilities.
Consistent with these criteria for demonstrations of value, ANDS has funded a portfolio of around 25 projects across two broad thematic areas: Climate Change Adaptation, and Characterisation of Biological Systems. There is also a collection of other projects to provide balance and demonstrate what is possible across a range of discipline areas. These projects have been carefully balanced across major research institutions, States/Territories, NCRIS Capabilities and national research priorities.

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